Lesson 06 - Enhanced - Dimsum Hanyu Pinyin

In this episode, we look at the nasal finals ending in “n” or “ng”, as well as the retroflex final er.

Posted on 2017-05-26 02:34:29


In this episode, we will learn:

  • how to voice the nasal finals ending in “n”: an, en, uan, uen, ian, in, üan, ün;
  • how to voice the nasal finals ending in “ng”: ang, eng, ong, uang, ueng, iang, ing, iong;
  • the writing rule when Group 4 finals combine with the initials j, q, x;
  • the abbreviation rule for uen;
  • how to differentiate the finals uan and üan, and between uen and ün, when they are used with initials;
  • the writing rule when these finals are used without initials;
  • how to voice the retroflex final er;
  • five new Mandarin words: Zhōngguó, Shànghǎi, Hángzhōu, xiānsheng, zàijiàn; and
  • the possible pinyin combinations for these finals.
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