Chung was born in Malaysia but was raised and educated in Singapore during an era when bilingualism was heavily funded and promoted. As such, Chung grew up being fluent in both English and Mandarin. To his family members and relatives, he also spoke Teochew and Cantonese, two other southern dialects, or some might even say languages of China. Read more about Chung.


Contextual Learning

It has been proven that learning words and phrases out of context is ineffective and not conducive for recall at a later time. That is why lessons at the Language Domus are designed around modules of ten lessons, with each module focusing on a particular theme. Each lesson in a module will then focus on a one area of the theme, so that at the end of each module, you should be comfortable talking about that particular theme with a native speaker in a practical situation. Vocabulary, grammar, and even Chinese characters are always learned in context to the theme being discussed, so that the effectiveness of your learning is optimized!

Structured Lessons

Lessons at the Language Domus are always based on previously learned material. That means that each lesson can be treated as a building block that systematically builds on previous episodes. The introduction of new words, grammar and even Chinese characters will always be predicated on material in a previous lesson. In this way, we make sure that lessons at the Language Domus are always accessible and easy to understand, while being robust and sound.

Easy Access

Lessons at the Language Domus are always easily accessible. Free versions of each lesson can be streamed directly from our website, downloaded and played on any mp3 device, or subscribed to in iTunes and available in any of your podcast applications. That means that as long as you have 20 minutes to spare, which most of us have when we commute to work, work out at the gym, go for a run, or take a short break from work, you will be able to learn a new language. Additional material for our premium members are also easily accessible through downloads from our website, and easily viewed through iTunes, Quicktime players and PDF readers.


In this age of new media, attention span does seem to have shortened in general, but at the Language Domus, we believe that learning a language does require some effort, even as we try to break things down into easily digestible bite-sized chunks, so that your learning can be more effective. As such, each of our lessons is 15 to 20 minutes long, easily fitting within a commute, a gym session, or a short break, but still long enough for us to ensure that you will have enough time to practice various permutations of phrases in a particular situation, as well as for you to take away key grammar points. In this way, you will have the tools to reconstruct sentences at a later time, instead of simply trying to memorize set phrases.


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